The World Is Changing...will my career exist 5 years from now?

Well 2020 has been enlightening, to say the least! While off from work I had time to contemplate...where is this world going!?? Things seem to be moving awfully fast, and in every direction. What do I do? What will the future look like? Will there be a future? So many questions, everybody seems to be at a stand-still. Everyone has the opportunity to repent and rethink where they are coming from and where are they going in this life or the next. One things for the rate things are going, something's gotta change. I ain't getting any younger! Cybersecurity...hey where'd that idea come from? It's gotta be The Most High God in Heaven because I am the least likely person to want to get any further engaged in technology! What's this I don't need to be technical? GREAT...Let's start this journey and see where it takes us...


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